Zonal forums are service-oriented sharing and/or business sessions that provide the means by which NA communities can communicate, cooperate, and grow with one another. Although not a part of NA’s formal decision-making system, world services and zonal forums interact in many ways. Zonal forums are invited to provide reports on the floor of the World Service Conference and, when requested by the conference, may also answer specific questions or address the body. In order to improve communications, they are provided with conference participant mailings and are requested to send their minutes to world services. World services typically attends zonal forum meetings, and may provide funding for some participants’ attendance at zonal forums. Maintaining effective communication between the zonal forums and world services is a high priority. In order to more effectively serve the fellowship, world services and zones should develop a partnership for the planning and conducting of the worldwide workshop system, and by assisting each other in the coordination of a variety of service efforts such as professional events and fellowship development activities. — A Guide to World Services in NA pgs. 1-2

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