SEZF Webinars

Throughout the year SEZF admins may introduce various topics via online conferences or “webinars”. Web conferencing may be used as an umbrella term for various types of online collaborative services including web seminars (“webinars”), webcasts, and peer-level web meetings. Please refer to the calendar of events page for those scheduled by the SEZF where the host will post a link to the meeting. These are great opportunities for online meetings, and we welcome all participants.

The SEZF Regions use host software called Adobe Connect*.  If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before, here are a few of topics that may be of interest for a successful meeting:

• Please test your connection before the meeting: here

• Please get a quick overview the software before the meeting: here

• Please try to attend early and check your audio connection once in the meeting room. Attendees can check their audio from the “Meeting” drop down menu and then running the “Audio Setup Wizard”.

• Note:  It is also important that attendees do not have other software (Skype and others) running in the background that might compete or restrict access to your computer’s  microphone.

*NA has no affiliations with Adobe Inc., and the SEZF is in no way advertising its products or services.